External evaluation

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Joint External Evaluation (JEE) mission reports

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Who We Are. Our Services: What We Offer. Our Policies: Documentation Requirements and Processing. Get An Application Form. Extra Copy Requests. Attorney / Corporate Clients. The JEE is a voluntary, collaborative, multisectoral process to assess country capacity to prevent, detect and rapidly respond to public health risks occurring naturally or due to deliberate or accidental events.

The purpose of the external evaluation is to assess country-specific status, progress. Is your organization ready for external evaluation? Learn more about getting ready for a rigorous study and see the benefits of getting an outside opinion.

A good evaluator will work closely with program staff to make an evaluation a success so in this way there are both internal and external staff on the evaluation team. We have a lot to say on this subject and take it very seriously.

As specified under the terms of reference established by the IEO, the IMF Executive Board should initiate an external evaluation of IEO to assess its effectiveness and to consider possible improvements to its structure, mandate, operational modalities, or Terms of Reference.

External evaluation
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IMF Executive Board Considers External Evaluation of the Independent Evaluation Office