Fcip write acceleration feature

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Additionally, the MDS i supports FCIP Write Acceleration, a feature that can significantly improve application performance when storage traffic is extended across distance.

Which two statements about the FCIP Write Acceleration feature are true?

When FCIP Write Acceleration is enabled, WAN throughput is optimized by reducing the latency of command. Note The write acceleration feature is disabled by default and must be enabled on both sides of the FCIP link. If it is only enabled on one side of the FCIP tunnel, the tunnel is not initialized.

If it is only enabled on one side of the FCIP tunnel, the tunnel is not initialized. control pins—chip enable (CE#), write enable (WE#), and output enable (OE#)—control normal read and write operations, and avoid bus contention issues. The device requires only a single volt power supply for both read and write functions.

Internally generated and regulated voltages are provided for the program and erase operations. Oct 15,  · NVIDIA and Intel are dominant players in datacenter artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration. Xilinx intends to compete against them in the growing field of machine learning as a .

Fcip write acceleration feature
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