Kiva paper

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Dugout (shelter)

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Sunspaces and Solar Greenhouses

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Sep 10,  · Amazon’s warehouses, which now employ more thanpeople across the United States, are being outfitted with the latest in robots and tech, but not at the expense of human jobs. Kiva' Business Model In analyzing the efforts to alleviate global poverty in Sudan, Kiva stands out as a unique organization that is an enabler.

Kiva is the path-breaking, fast-growing person-to-person microlending site. It works this way: Kiva posts pictures and stories of people needing loans.

You give your money to Kiva. Kiva sends it to a microlender. The lender makes the loan to a person you choose. He or she ordinarily repays. You get your money back with no interest. It's like eBay for microcredit. A dugout or dug-out, also known as a pit-house or earth lodge, is a shelter for humans or domesticated animals and livestock based on a hole or depression dug into the ground.

Dugouts can be fully recessed into the earth, with a flat roof covered by ground, or dug into a hillside. They can also be semi-recessed, with a constructed wood or sod roof standing out.

Kiva paper
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