Lighting architectural courtyards

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Landscape Lighting

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Color Par 20 Green LED 7W Bulb

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Red Oak Outdoor Lighting is a national award winning architectural & landscape lighting company specializing in unique solutions for illuminating outdoor spaces since We are locally owned, based in Lexington, KY and have designed & installed lighting projects throughout Kentucky.

Blue Jay Way II

Katharine Keane is the associate editor of technology, practice, and products for ARCHITECT and Architectural Lighting. She graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A.

in French literature, and minors in journalism and economics. Floor Tiles Our floor tile collections are inspired by a range of materials including terracotta, clay, ceramic, encaustic cement. Our tiles have superior performance and technical properties, coupled with the durability and ease of maintenance inherent to floor tiles.

Dallas, Texas firm specializing in interior and exterior architectural lighting design in the hospitality, residential, retail and healthcare industries. Dallas, Texas based firm, specializing in interior, exterior and landscape architectural lighting design in the hospitality, residential, retail and healthcare industries.

Outside, the business maintains an extensive selection of garden decor, including street lighting in 40 different styles, patio furniture, urns, benches and fountains. Fun facts: Adkins boasts an on-premise wood shop and is available to restore or repair most architectural pieces.

The Renegade series of architectural bollards combines contemporary styling with durable, vandal-resistant construction and illumination with availablecutoff optics; and is an excellent choice for walkways, entrances, promenades, plazas, courtyards, driveways and landscaped areas.

Lens: Clear, high-impact-resistant acrylic, with silicone.

Lighting architectural courtyards
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