Online mfa writing

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About the MFA in Writing

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Emerson’s online master’s in creative writing is an MFA program in popular fiction writing and publishing; this program is ideal for budding writers seeking to publish novels, particularly in the genres science fiction, mystery, horror, thriller, fantasy, or young adult.

Online Schools Offering MFA and Other Fine Arts Programs

For the graduate student with a keen interest in advancing their education in fine arts, combined with a desire to learn via a web-based format, online MFA degrees might be a great fit.

Online study typically allows the learner to work at his or her own pace, using a course management system. The MFA in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing is one of the first online writing programs to prepare students to write professional-level stories and novels in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, thrillers, and young adult.

Online MFA Degrees & Online Masters in Fine Arts Programs

Want to earn an online Master of Fine Arts degree from a top-ranked university? Full Sail offers accredited online MFA degrees in fields like creative writing, film production and media design.

The MFA in Writing is available in a fully online format. Fully online MFA students have no residency requirement. Online students are welcome to take some coursework on-campus if preferred; however, all coursework, including the final thesis, may be taken fully online. The university's online MA and MFA in creative writing assembles a community of writers where students receive one-on-one assistance in the creative process.

Faculty mentor students in a range of genres, from young adult and thriller to science fiction and playwriting.

Online mfa writing
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