Pov in novel writing advice

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Fiction Writing 101: The Elements of Stories

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6 Tips to Choosing the Right Point of View

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How a Scene List Can Change Your Novel-Writing Life

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Hollywood screenwriter, psychotherapist and author Dennis Palumbo unlocks the secrets to writing effective mystery stories. Creating a scene list changed my novel-writing life, and doing the same will change yours too.

Includes examples of the scene lists from famous authors.

How to Write from a Guy’s POV

Writing a novel using multiple points of view is complex. Using the tips above should help you to create characters who add richness and extra perspectives to your fictional world. Join Now Novel and share your POV shifts and other work-in-progress for constructive critique, or work one-on-one with your own writing coach to streamline your process.

I love the POV discussion and your comment ‘it’s all in the execution’ is right on. My first book was written entirely from one character’s point of view, which worked for that story. I knew in my next book that I wanted to explore writing from multiple POVs and did so, but only from one character’s POV in any given chapter.

Conflict. Does your story begin with some sort of conflict—either internal or external? Does the beginning set up the bigger “conflict” of the entire novel, the issue.

How to Choose a Point of View for your Novel

Point of view, or POV, refers to two things in writing: A point of view in a discussion, an argument, or nonfiction writing is an opinion, the way you think about a subject.

In a story, the point of view is the narrator’s position in the description of events.

5 Essential Elements Every Fantasy Novel Needs Pov in novel writing advice
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