Public relations campaign strategy paper

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How to Write a Campaign Proposal

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iRubric: Public Relations Campaign Final Assignment rubric

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Examples of Public Relations Campaigns

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• The!public!relations!function!in!various!organizational!and!managerial! structures.! • Thecurrentpracticeofprofessionalandethicalpublicrelations.! One of the most important aspects of tailoring a public relations campaign strategy to fit a particular company is obtaining knowledge about the business and its 3/5(1).

To conduct an analysis of the organization you have studied during the course of the semester and to develop a public relations campaign for a specific issue, opportunity or challenge that organization has not experienced of faced.

Address the following in your Strategy Paper: • List objectives for the PR Campaign. • Identify the organization’s publics.

• Identify the risks in the strategy. The ROPE formula breaks down the public relations campaign process into four sequential steps -- research, objectives, programming and evaluation. Using ROPE as a template from the start of a PR initiative helps you analyze, plan, implement and control your campaigns within a formal structure.

This ensures that you. Ketchum delivered the campaign worldwide, targeting global media and influencers. Ketchum and Wendy’s brought #NuggsForCarter to life and broke Ellen DeGeneres’s retweet record! See how Wendy’s increased social conversation by almost %.

Public relations campaign strategy paper
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