The early life and career of margaret bourke white

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Margaret Bourke-White

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Margaret Bourke

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Margaret Bourke-White's photo essay introduced many Americans to apartheid. But the essay was edited to tell only part of the story. Margaret Bourke-White was a woman of firsts: the first photographer for Fortune, the first Western professional photographer permitted into the Soviet Union, Life magazine's first female photographer, and the first female war correspondent credentialed to work in combat zones during World War II.

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Margaret Bourke-White

Biography - Margaret Bourke-White was one of the original 4 photographers who launched LIFE Magazine. Collect her works today @ Call American photographer Margaret Bourke-White was a leader in the new field of photo-journalism.

As a staff photographer for Fortune and Life magazines, she covered the major political and social issues of the s and Aug 27, Bourke-White was, of course, one of the century's most intrepid chroniclers of conflict and strife: her pictures from Buchenwald infor instance, and from the horrific violence that attended.

Margaret Chase Smith The early life and career of margaret bourke white
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