What does ps mean when your writing a letter

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What is PS-2?

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Aug 26,  · P.S. is an abbreviation meaning post script.

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It refers to an addition you make to a letter after you have closed the letter and signed it. For example, say you write a letter to your sister telling her you will see her Tuesday for the party she is throwing for your birthday. You sign the letter and leave it on your desk for mailing later.

Jun 02,  · When writing a letter what does PS mean at the end? Answer Questions Trump supporters, would you agree that trump is acting guilty regarding the Mueller probe by constantly attacking him and his team?Status: Resolved.

How Do You Write a P.S. in a Letter?

Thus, PSS would mean “postscript script”, which doesn’t really make sense in this context. Rather, the correct way to write this abbreviation is “PPS” for “post-postscript” or “after what comes after the writing”.

This continues to PPPS, PPPPS, and so on. Post Script - it is a note that you want to mention something specific that is not in the letter.

Positive: 50 % Answer #12 | 13/04 Sep 19,  · In a Letter, what does P.S. Mean? A P.S. at the end of a letter is a way to add an afterthought or a personal touch, rather than rewrite the letter. P.S. is rarely used in a business letter, but may be found in personal letters.

Dec 10,  · DS comes from a Swedish habbit of writing DS after PS.


DS means densamme, which can be translated to "the same", or "the same as the author" of the original text before PS. Håkan PS: Hence it should be quite irrelevant to write DS after this text.

What does ps mean when your writing a letter
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Letter Writing: Ps. Ds.